I am fascinated by business strategy and its execution – at how simple it can be and how mind numbingly difficult and frustrating we tend to make it.  This blog is about what business strategy looks like in real life and how to recognize when  real progress is being made.  We’ll talk about how  to start with a vision and realize it day by day and piece by piece.  I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to learn by doing and by observing why and how things work. I’ve been even more fortunate to work for and with many gifted people over the years and to have been able to hear what they have to say and, more importantly, watch what they do. Through all this I’ve come to learn in an empirical way that the true drivers of success and failure are not always what seems obvious at first glance. In fact, it is uncovering the real drivers and utilizing them that fascinates me so. It can sometimes seem so counter-intuitive until that wonderful aha! moment when a principle reveals itself in all its glorious simplicity.

I’d like to say that I will start at the beginning and lay out a methodical path to a Realized Vision, but I know that won’t happen. I will start with a series of four articles on building your strategy (they are listed on the right).  They were written with the idea that the order presents a logical flow, but that’s just me.  From there I will jump in with topics that inspire me and sort it out as we go along. Of course, I hope that you’ll help me by commenting and looking at these posts with fresh eyes and a perspective that is new to me. Feel free to post a link to your own thoughts and articles. If this works out, I hope to share a little and learn a lot. Here goes..

– Len Cavallaro

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August 2012